WHO does WHAT and WHY?

Hi, my name is Marta Gillner.

I’ve been creating arts since I was little, winning art competitions as a child. Sometimes it was extremely hard to drag me away from any piece of clean paper or empty surface without leaving any drawing on it.

Later, when planning to study architecture, I’ve been studying architectural drawing and design, and finished high school education with distinction from the arts. The first paintings were created in 2002 in Germany and successfully sold. Since then I’m still discovering this technique. In 2007 I’ve completed INTERIOR DESIGN course in UK. I’ve also attended computer graphic courses on UNIVERSITY of Brighton and joined LIFE DRAWING sessions at Sussex County Arts Club.

I’ve returned home in 2008 and become a mum of twin daughters. At that time I’ve learned more about crafts, especially ceramics, discovered a new technique of painting on the old and time-damaged wood and continued selling my artwork. Later I’ve moved to Spain, searching again for new opportunities. In 2011 returned to place were I belong and where my art has found most appreciation by the sea in UK.  I took a part in many workshops and spent time in artistic surrounding as much as possible. During the time while travelling and searching for the right place to live, I’ve met many fantastic and inspiring people who had a great influence on my artwork. The time I’ve lived in Brighton was in my opinion the most productive and enriching for me as an artist.

Finally I’ve decided to develop my skills as a painter as I think at the time when digital art dominates, PAINTING still remains the most unique…

But recently I’ve also started to experiment with PHOTOGRAPHY and suddenly realized huge potential of development in this area. This is quite new to me although I’ve already prepared myself by attending Photoshop course lead by talented photographer on University of Brighton. I used analogue camera only at the beginning but after the above course started to play with digital images more and more. Eventually with priceless help of my other half and a friend a homely studio has been arranged with necessary equipment. I’ve focused on studio sessions which I’ve started to provide professionally. Later added wedding photography service and started to shoot fashion as well. Soon, thanks to kindest mentor I could have, I’ve joined Powis Road Studio as a working professional and set up my brands SHINE ON Photography and MG Wedding Photography. It’s rolling on and I can smell success already :)

Currently photography took over and become my main profession. As in painting it’s focused on portraits and nudes but also on wedding and fashion photography.

You can take a look on my photos at SHINE ON Photography website.

I work as a professional painter since 2002. I produce paintings of any size on canvases, old wooden boards and walls using oils, acrylics and airbrush. My favourite themes are portraits, nudes and nature. I also create wall decorations for children and illustrations.  I keep my mind opened on other techniques as well, experimenting with handmade jewellery, ceramics, graphics and design.

Many of my paintings show THE INNER NEED of exposing human feelings and a TRY to catch the moment and the beauty of a female body. Some of them are exposing myself and some have been created to be decorative elements.

I look for an inspiration in life experiences, emotions, music and nature.

At the moment I live and work in Brighton. My artwork has been recognized by art lovers in Holland, Germany, Spain and eastern Europe.

Please feel welcome to see my artwork on “Gallery” page.

Thank you for visiting!